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Macular Degeneration Guide - Optometrists.orgIt’s Macula month!

Did you know the macula, which is responsible for all of your central vision, is only about 5mm wide? This tiny area of your eye is one of the most important structures for clear vision, so it’s important to have the macula monitored regularly by your optometrist.

Macula degeneration is an eye disease where the structures in the macula are damaged, which in turn can affect your central vision. Macula degeneration can happen slowly over time, so you are not even aware of it, or can also happen suddenly.

If you notice a change to your vision, book an appointment with your local optometrist.

Your optometrist can also talk to you about reducing risk factors that are associated with macula degeneration, such as wearing sunglasses against UV damage, or increasing intake of certain foods and vitamins.

For more information, check out: Macula Degeneration.

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