Eye Tests


Regular eye examinations are very important for many reasons.

Eye examinations:

  • Check that your eyes are healthy

  • Detect any eye conditions before they arise

  • Monitor eye conditions that already exist

  • Update your glasses, or contact lens prescription to ensure clear and comfortable everyday vision

It is important to know that even if your eyesight feels fine, some eye diseases may have little to no symptoms

Our eye examinations involve a full health check of your eyes.

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Signs you might need an eye examination:

  • Changes in your vision especially if accompanied by floaters or flashing lights - this requires more urgent attention

  • Headaches, double-vision or increased difficulty with glare

  • 2 years or longer since your last check

  • Family history of ocular disease or conditions

  • 1 year since your last contact lens appointment

  • Eye surgery in the past

  • Glasses are broken or not working as well as they used to

  • A pre-existing eye condition that needs monitoring

  • 1 year since your last diabetic check

  • You take Plaquenil medication

What to expect: 

  • Comprehensive eye tests take 30mins. Some specialty appointments may take more or less time.

  • Your appointment can be booked in practice, by phone or via our "book now" button at the top of this page

  • The Eye Test: involves a thorough examination that includes testing for common eye conditions such as glaucoma, macula degeneration, cataract and retinal conditions.

  • Glasses: we have a great range of brand frames to choose from and our optical dispensers help choose the best frames and lenses to best suit you and your prescription.

  • Further testing: we have the ability to do VF, OCT and topography testing (among others) that may be conducted on a different day.

  Additional Services

    We offer more than just a comprehensive eye test! Ask us about:

Dry Eye Treatments and Assessments


Referals for Laser Eye Surgery

Contact Lenses

Children's Optometry including Behavioural Optometry

Colorimetry for Coloured Lenses to Reduce Visual Stress

Diabetic Checks

Plaquenil Medication


Foreign body removal


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