Retinal Detachment

The retina is the membrane that is at the inside of the back of your eye.

It is very important as it translates the light that enters the eye into signals for the brain to convert into images.

If the retina detaches from the back of the eye and it is not treated straight away, permanent vision loss can occur. You may notice an increase in spots, floaters, flashes of light or a dark curtain coming over your vision. It is important that you book an appointment with your optometrist immediately.

Risk factors include; being very near-sighted (high minus prescription), injuries to the face/head, sudden forceful jolts and some eye diseases/conditions. However, retinal detachment can still occur in the absence of any of these factors.

If you are concerned, call your optometrist as soon as possible and you will be booked in for an investigative consulation.

Healthy Retina vs Eye with Retinal Detachment


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