Colour! A unique shape. Something that will look good everyday. Something that is durable. Something that feels comfortable. 

It is very important to choose a frame that is the right fit and that will suit your lens and your prescription. Our optical dispensers in practice can help choose a frame that is practical and personal. You deserve to look good and feel good.

Frame Care 
  • Always remove your glasses with two hands as this means the frame is less stressed and should hold it’s adjustment better.
  • Avoid placing your glasses on top of your head as this stretches the frame and can damage the lenses.
  • Always let us do any adjustments that your glasses may need - this is something we are continually happy to help with!
  • Keep your glasses in their case as it should protect them from any mishaps.
  • Be conscious of where you put your glasses when you take them off (they can often be accidentally sat on!)

Girl Trying Glasses


Some of our brands include: 
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