Repairs and Adjustments

One of our promises to you is that for as long as we can, we will provide you with care for your spectacles purchased through us.

This includes:

  • Adjustments - whether they are too tight or too loose, if someone sat on them or if they are just plain uncomfortable, come into practice and we will do our best to fix the problem.

  • Maintenance - recommended every 4-6 months - we have an ultrasonic cleaner in practice that gives your glasses a thorough clean which they often need, especially if worn all the time. We tighten the screws, check the lenses and re-align the frame if need be. This is a completely complimentary service.

  • Repairs - this can be as simple as replacing a nose-pad or as complex as the frame snapping in two. As much as we can, we will fix your frames the same day that you bring them to us. However, most of the time we may need to order in a replacement part and this can take a day to a couple of weeks to receive. If something happens to your lenses, this is a similar situation and may take at least a week to re-order what is required. We are happy to keep you updated along the way.

  • Warranty - all frames come with a 1-2 year manufacturer’s warranty which we will definitely claim if we can. In the cases where this is not applicable, we will repair or replace the part as needed for a disclosed fee. 


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