Why You Don’t Have to Just Live with Dry (or Watery) Eyes

Tired of sore, gritty, stinging, watery eyes every time you go out in the wind, or sit in front of air conditioning at the office? I talk to patients everyday about their dry eyes, and most people think that if their eyes are dry, they’ve just got to put drops in their eyes and deal with it. This is far from the case.
Here are 3 things people might not realise about their dry eye problems:
1. Drops Don’t Always Solve the Problem
In a lot of cases, eye drops are more a band-aid than the cure for dry eye. In the North West region we see a lot of evaporative dry eye, which is not cured by just eye drops. We need to find a way to keep the tears stable on your eyes rather than replace them when they’re gone. 
2. It’s All About Inflammation
If you have allergies, dermatitis, rosacea, or other inflammatory conditions, these could also be the reason for your dry eyes. Dry eye is largely driven by inflammation, the same processes that drive other problems in our bodies. Even if you don’t have these conditions, inflammation around your eyes could be the source of the problem, and needs dealing with.
3. You Can’t Do This on your Own
In 2017, researchers from all over the world got together to do a deep dive* into why we get dry eyes and how to fix the problem. What they came up with was that dry eye is highly complex, and unique for every individual. The key thing is to get the right advice, and that requires an expert in the field of dry eyes. At Paul Harvey Optometry, we’re committed to keeping up with the latest research, and investing in the latest technology to successfully manage dry eyes. The bottom line is, you don’t just have to live with your dry eye. 
*Find our more about the DEWS II Report here: https://www.tfosdewsreport.org/ 
Radio Segment - Dry Eye Syndrome - The Eye Health Centre

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