Paul Harvey

Paul is trained in all areas of eyecare, is theraputically endorsed and is practised in children's optometry.

He graduated from UNSW with honours in 1987 and practised in Wollongong and Muswellbrook before moving to Tamworth in 1989.

His ongoing training has involved study in Ocular Diseases and Behavioural Optometry, which is an area of practice involving the assessment of visual problems associated with classroom learning. He has developed vision training programs for the treatment of tracking and visual perceptual difficulties and, is experienced in treating visual stress using tinted lenses.

Paul has completed his graduate certificate in ocular therapeutics and is qualified to prescribe medications including antibiotics and glaucoma eye drops. He also trained at the Royal Hobart Hospital in the area of strabismus (eye turn) management.

Paul participates in co-management with general practitioners and other health professionals to monitor the ocular health of patients. He is passionate about outreach work in the Solomon Islands where he is currently involved in both healthcare and building projects in the Anglican church in Malaita province.